Understanding Why: Taking Photos or Videos after an Auto Accident

When people get into car accidents, they may start to think of all the future trouble that could await them. For example, they may wonder how they are going to afford the repairs on their cars, or they may want to know how they are going to get to work without a vehicle. While all of these thoughts are reasonable to have, individuals should also place an emphasis on taking photos or video after an auto accident for a variety of reasons.

Proof of Damage

Individuals often go through insurance to pay for damages to their cars in an accident. However, they may be asked to prove that those damages were actually results of the accident and not effects from other situations. Taking photos right after the accident can help to prove this claim. Insurance companies often take pictures of new clients’ cars, so the old and new photos could be compared to one another.

Errors of the Human Eye

After an accident, people are often just happy that they are okay. This sense of relief can cause them to miss issues on their cars. They might not notice that the back tire actually experienced some damage, or they may not see that the passenger side has a scratch on it now. Taking comprehensive photos can help to prove that the damage was done in the accident even when vehicle owners don’t notice until much later.

Bodily Damage

People can also suffer injuries to themselves in accidents. Again, if they do not take pictures or videos of the injuries right away, the other party may claim that these issues were non-existent immediately after the accident. While some physical problems can take awhile to manifest after car accidents occur, individuals involved should take the time to document what they can now. They never know what could help them if they end up in a court case.

Failure to take photos or videos after a car accident is a major mistake. When people don’t get images or videos of what the scene is immediately or shortly after the accident, they may find themselves with bigger problems down the road.