Reasons to Hire the Best SEO Company in Marin

In just the past few years, it has become much easier for people to use Google to find businesses, stores, or products nearby. This has resulted in a change in the intent and search behavior of the user. Hiring the Best SEO company in Marin could help your company jump to the top of the search results.

Local searches mean everything

Users no longer need to include their geographical position in their search queries, such as “Pizzeria in Marin”. According to digital marketing experts, 1 in 3 of all Google searches has a local intent. This means that users are searching for and waiting for local information in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Keys to focus on

Meta-descriptions and title tags are a must-have. Title tags and meta descriptions are HTML elements that imitate the page’s content and are displayed as text. The title is in blue and the meta-description is in black.

The title displays what each page is talking about. Search engines and meta descriptions review the content of a page. The tags should be unique and include the keywords the site owner is trying to position, for example, “Pizzeria Marin” (the title includes keywords and the user’s locality).

Keyword searches

Keyword research signifies the very groundwork of any SEO strategy. To optimize local SEO, people must work with the content provided and use geo-localized keywords. For example, when it comes to a design furniture manufacturing company, a generic and non-local keyword would be “design furniture manufacturers”.

But for companies using local SEO, the keyword would be “designer furniture manufacturers in Marin”. To find ideas, use Google’s Keyword Planner which will provide folks with keyword suggestions with monthly search statistics.

Optimize your business

Google My Business allows folks to view your business hours, phone number, and address on Google Search and Maps. This service is free and will help your SEO efforts because your business is listed when users search for your services. Consider uploading your logo and photos of the business too.

Structured data use various codes that are added to websites. These provide search engines with detailed information about certain products, prices, business offerings, location-based offers, and much more.