Legal Protection for Shipping Businesses Expanding Into Singapore

Anyone that wishes to explore the potential for expansion of their import or export business into Singapore will need to take the time to protect their interests properly. There are numerous risks and legal concerns as well as constantly evolving laws regulating the industry. Most business owners want to spend their time working on the business they enjoy rather than dealing with paperwork and legal matters. This is why hiring a shipping lawyer is a worthwhile investment.

Singapore is a relatively open and welcoming environment for foreign companies that wish to expand their businesses in the country. They offer a technologically advanced working environment and a central location that makes them a shipping hub throughout Asia. Media, banking and financial services are all readily available to the expanding corporation or entrepreneur. In addition, a shipping lawyer in Singapore from IRB Law is the final resource that protects assets and helps to ensure a more seamless process. There are many steps they take to make certain this is the outcome for their clients.

  • Their contracts are carefully written to provide important details, such as who is the actual customer for the cargo and not just what shipping company, agent or distribution business is involved in the transaction.
  • They will determine the extent of liability protection that is needed and amend insurance policies to ensure the client is adequately covered without paying for unnecessary protection.
  • The shipping lawyer will network and negotiate with other legal teams in the countries where cargo is received or sent to prevent any conflicts.
  • They represent clients in the event of a maritime accident. This could include accidents that involve only merchandise loss or those that include personal injuries or loss of life.
  • The legal team reviews all licenses, passports, visas and other documents that may be needed and ensures all are current and valid.
  • They aid clients in recovering any financial losses due to accidents, bad weather or failed business transactions.
  • They represent their clients as they grow and expand their businesses.

There is no reasonable excuse for not using a knowledgeable shipping lawyer when working in the Singapore cargo industry. It is the only way any business or individual is secure and protected in this very hectic and high-risk industry.