Comfortable Scrubs to Suit Any Setting

Medical personnel, laboratory technicians, certified nurse’s aids (CNAs), home health care workers, and pharmacists spend their shifts in uniforms, scrubs, or lab coats. Depending on the quality and materials used, these work clothes can be hot, itchy, and confining. It is not always easy to find a brand that provides all-day comfort, flexibility, the latest styles, and affordable pricing.

Different Fabrics

Manufacturers that specialize in medical apparel, such as wonderwink, offer a range of fabrics to suit the preferences of customers. The settings and daily duties of the various positions are factors that contribute to material choices. Many laboratories, for example, are kept cool to prevent bacteria. Lab coats with long sleeves and sixty-five percent polyester fabric will keep technicians from getting cold.

People working in an assisted living setting will want a fabric that is flexible, durable, and cool. The temperatures are high to accommodate elderly residents, and the work is constant. A one-hundred percent polyester stretch fabric with double stitching and a built-in system to whisk moisture away from the body is ideal. Another option to stay cool is one-hundred percent brushed cotton.

A combination of fabrics is essential for some people to be comfortable. Fifty-two percent polyester, forty-five percent cotton, and three percent spandex allows for a perfect fit no matter how many times people have to bend, lift, or reach throughout the shift. A FLEX line is available in a ninety-seven percent cotton and three percent spandex fabric for professionals who will be doing several different tasks all day.

Sizing and Styles

Finding medical wear that fits well and reflects personality is also difficult for some people. Maternity scrubs, plus sizes, and men’s fashions are the hardest items to purchase at affordable pricing. Most are boring solid colors, have no embellishments, and may or may not fit well. Pricing is typically higher than small sizes and prints are rarely available.

There are some companies that are dedicated to providing fun and bold prints for all sizes, as well as proper fitting to ensure a professional look. Research some companies to discover the widest variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics. The work is hard and demanding so clothing does need to be comfortable and flexible.