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What You Might Never Have Read About Dr. Moshe Kantor

The things that motivate us from within can make us soar to heights of life that are unimaginable. Our self-drive can be both our greatest strength but it can also be our greatest undoing if we are not well prepared to take advantage of it. In many cases, when people are faced with adversities of life, they choose to retreat and let things happen the way they choose to.

There is, however, another crop of people who rarely choose the easiest option of sitting back and as a result they choose to act in the face of adversity. Dr. Moshe Kantor belongs to such a group of people. Let us explore some of the hurdles he had to conquer in order to be the kind of a person he is in our days. We will also see what benefits arose from his struggles.

At the time of his birth, the entire world was wailing following the consequences of the much-condemned world war II. The clutches of the world cold war were also being tightened at around that time. In those days, there was not a single sign of hope for both the aged and the young people of the east. Dr. Kantor, however, chose to be different and he thus rose from those hopeless ash piles and steered himself on. Today, we celebrate him for his incessant struggle during such adverse moments.

Also, at the time of such struggles, the world arena was taking shape for the Jewish reconstruction Also, the humiliation of the nation following the world was two left the nation entirely scuttled. Dr.Kantor learned from that and has been a voice to reckon with in the lobbying for the recognition of the Jewish people all over the world. This has led him to be recognized for his fights against discriminations of all kinds.

The other accomplishment of Dr. Kantor is his fight for the world peace by his strong stand in condemning the evils of terrorism and the use of nuclear weapons. This has had the effect of proving to the peoples of the world that the human life is sacred and should be protected by all.

Violence and the use of nuclear weapons obliterate both humans and property and ought to be condemned by all the well-meaning people in the society. These atrocious activities are never to be condoned by any people since they go against the dictates of all religions where man is viewed as the custodian of the universe. These are some of the outstanding lessons of life that Dr. Kanor has passed to us.

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